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Your Profesional Tour Guide/Driver in Bali, Java, Lombok.

my name is I Nyoman Miarsa, S.Pd.SH (Pepe) from Bali, born in 1973 from east of Bali Antiga, Padangbai, but live in Denpasar, studied in Mahasaraswati University, Faculty of English and also studied in Dwijendera University, Faculty of Law, got married with Ayu work in Russian Tour Guide. I work as English, Spanish, Russian Tour Guide in Some Travel Agent (Freelance tour guide). 

1997 –                 Worked at Vayatour (Julia Tour)

1998 – 2001        Handled Julia Tour at Suar Tour

2002 –                 Worked as private English & Spanish Teacher

2003 –                 Worked at Asian Trail

2004 –                 Worked at Bali Tour, Adventure Indonesian (Spanish Tour Guide)

2005 –                 Worked Indo Bali Tour

2008 –                 Worked at ICS (English, Spanish, Russian Guide)

2009 – 2015        Worked at Coral Travel (Russian Guide)

2015                    Worked at Asia World, ICS, Coral Travel, Suar Tour (Domestic, English, Spanish, Russian Tour Guide)

First of all we would like to thank you for precious time to open our website pepebalitour. And you desire to obstain information about Bali, and Indonesia tourism place of interest and adventure tours in the Island of Indonesia. Through pepebalitour website we would like to try to present the general of idea Indonesia tourism and its beauty. The availability of our website will make it porsible for the reader to find information most needed by visitor who wants to see, get experience and to choose what even to suit their need and expectation best. We believe after you come to Indonesia then explore its country side and get in touch with the local people you will experience and enjoy much more thing than what written in the website.

With plently of hopes we want to make your holiday in Indonesia unforgettable moment by offer the best from the best Bali and Indonesia adventure with affordable price.

Nevertheles, please do contact us for further request or inquiry for you need, we will be happy to assist you with our promise, any kind of feedback are welcome to make us getting better.

Last but least, we wish you all the best and have a pleasant holiday in Bali and Indonesia.



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